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1km away, the town of Saint-Alban offers shops, doctors, pharmacies, dentists... You'll also find major retailers 10 minutes by car (Saint Chély D'Apcher).

Saint-Alban has preserved its heritage with its crosses and ovens, remarkable castle, the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela (GR65), which is experiencing a renaissance of pilgrims and hikers.

It offers the possibility of a thorough knowledge of his countryside with its hiking trails and mountain biking tracks, with its many picturesque valleys and fertile with flowing fishy rivers (Limagnole, Truyère, Rimeize) and close to the parc à loups (wolves park) and parc à bisons d'Europe (European bisons park).

Other visits will enhance your stay as musée Javols (Javols museum) and its archaeological excavations, the Apcher Tower, the château de la Baume (de la Baume castle), Garabit viaduct and Millau viaduct, Chaudes-Aigues and its hot source at 82°C, the scénovion St Alban, Via Ferrata Malzieu, the tree climbing. And for the children: farm tours, swimming in the leisure centers. Not to mention the Lozère gastronomy, of course ...

camping Le Galier :: Wolves Park

camping Le Galier :: the village

camping Le Galier :: the bisons

camping Le Galier :: the monuments

camping Le Galier :: fishing

camping Le Galier :: bike riding

camping Le Galier :: view from the Via Ferrata

camping Le Galier :: lozérienne gastronomy

camping Le Galier :: the tree climbing (for children)

camping Le Galier :: la tour d'Apcher

camping Le Galier :: the village

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